I received this letter from a "fan". I didn't bother to reply, mostly because the insulting tone (to say the least) of his letter put me off. Here it is in all its glory.

From: abaddon@chinet.com
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 07:35:46
To: gsutter@pobox.com

Fuck you, you are a dickhead. Even though you may hate Microshaft, and the use of 
MSIE. That dosent mean you must cause it to close my window. Which i might add does 
MUCH more than close my window -- it shuts windows down.
I probably hate Microshaft as much as you do. But, I'm stuck with it right now 
untill i can get ahold of the Slackware96 cd again.
What is your reasoning for being such a jackass?

Abaddon@chinet.com, you may have to use a Microshaft OS for whatever reason, but you don't have to use MSIE. There are plenty of other choices. My advice for you: self.close()

02 February 1997 / 15 June 1997
Gregory Sutter, gsutter@pobox.com

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