Procmail FAQ

This directory is the home of a Procmail FAQ.

As most actively maintained documents, it is always more or less "under construction".

There are several mirrors of this site. Please use the mirrors if you can.

North America

The URL of the original site is

Here is a listing of the pages you'll find here:

Procmail FAQ
"Main Course"
Procmail mailing list resources
Stuff related to the Procmail mailing list at Aachen.
The list is run on the SmartList system and the help files here are mostly the default SmartList ones.
Incidentally, SmartList just happens to run on top of Procmail.
Files from the Procmail distribution
These files are here for easy reference, but might not be the newest versions. The autoritative source is which also has e.g. a complete unpacked source tree for Procmail and SmartList.
Local copies of the following files are kept here:
Revision history for these pages

As indicated, this is work in progress. I very much appreciate any kind of feedback on this (broken links, broken examples, broken English ... or anything else you wish to comment on).

Mail me if you wish to contribute!

Here's where to download Procmail:
(make sure to get the latest stable version, which is still 3.13.1. There are some minor bugs in 3.14. There should be a 3.14.1 forthcoming shortly).

There is also a list of mirrors on the Links page.

Wanted / To Do

If you have material which matches any of the following, or think you can help implement any of these ideas, please contact me.

For the FAQ

For the Links page

For the Quick Reference Guide

For the author

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